We strive  to see  happy people making  sure,simple and amusing their daily job.

Company  mission: we work  in the present time  looking at the future.

For every person and for the manager,first of all,  it is a moral duty leading and developing the others.

Our biggest ambition is to teach to new generations, leading them towards  the future and create a better and more satisfying  place of work .

  • Innovation,Research and Development are the three elements to whom the Darwinian Law submits the companies  as a living creature   and without these elements there is the lackness of the  basis  to stay in the present  and you can’t transmit the acquired knowledge as Company DNA.


  • In this peculiar historical moment the climatic changes are present every five years and every day we ride  the waves  anticipating the  wind itself.This dynamism  allows us to be present in the  contemporary market where globalization is the main  essential


  • The young champions full of enthusiasm and vitality are the lifeblood of the company  and every day we look for talented people with the eagerness of biting the world.

Company  principles

In Officine Cucini the principles are the basis ,simple   rules  of living that we follow inside  and outside the  work.

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Respect for  other people , customers ,colleagues or simple persons who deal with us every day.

Respect for some company rules  that  produce balance, stability  and simpleness.

Respect of the values  transmitted by  our valid precedessors.

We believe only in teamwork.

Continuous self-improvement is a basic  and important value for Cucini family. The people who doesn’t prepare himself ,stops and can’t add new values  to the company considered  as a Familywork.

The best way to learn something is to teach it : only in that moment you understand if you have really learned the concept,acquired the fact and if  you  have the capacity  of teaching it.