My name is Fabio Cucini and this is my history.

I was born and I grew in the mechanic workshop, I was always close to my father when he was repairing engines and the smell of oil was the perfume of my life since I was a boy.

I am a perfectionist and this characteristic leads every action of my life and every new project.

I am obsessed with precision and meticulousness and in my work and I try to consider every possibility.

This talent gives me the chance to project products with low necessity of revisions and this reduces the times for the creation of new items.

Since 1980 I have tested myself with the realization of various projects and I have amused myself very much. So I projected tippers and structures in different models and dimensions for every type of vehicle.

I also projected a tipper on two levels for the transport of vintage Ferrari cars. I realized my dream.

At the end of 1980, my father decided to reduce the company and the location where I was working was left.

So my work place changed and I had to do my activity in a little place about 300 mq. For this reason, I started to work on smaller vehicles such as commercial vehicles.

I started with Iveco Daily, Ford Transit, Nissan Trade and one day one of my customers asked me about a tipper for Piaggio Porter. This was an important change for our company because we managed to enter in a market sector where we became leader in a very short time.

The quality of our product and our service were so appreciated that we didn’t have enough space to work and satisfy every request.

I also made the Approval certifications of the outfittings and this was an additional service we could give to our customers.

In 2000 I decided to direct this field of the company and create a factory where I could do my activity and realize my dreams.

I  created the factory in Barberino Val d’Elsa and I worked harder through a lot of difficulties every day and today I can create the outfittings to vehicles which are delivered from Catania to London.

I would not think that my dreams could be so fulfilled.

I am always looking for young people to transfer my will of knowledge, my curiosity, and my dreams.