Cucini has always believed in passion; we were born from the passion of Vittore Cucini when in 1963, with his ideas as a visionary, he founded the mechanical workshop in the historic certaldo plant. Over the years we have trained many young people and carried on passions and created new opportunities.

Today Anna will tell us about her experience and how a passion of hers later became her profession.

“My passion? I just don’t know where it comes from. From what I remember, I always had it.

It’s probably a passion inherited from my father, so we can also say that, in my case, it’s genetics.

Being a girl with a small body, almost no one believed in me, in my skills and in the will to ardently follow my passion. Being very shy at the time, it was not easy at all at school.

In high school I chose the branch of “mechanics and mechatronics”, and of course, I was the only girl in a class of boys.  It was hard not to listen to all those people who told me I would never make it, that the job of mechanic is not a “female” thing.

I have to say I nearly started believing it, too.

But despite all the difficulties and all the times I felt out of place and had the wrong way, I graduated and immediately set out in search of a job, obviously in the mechanical workshops.

Initially I had returned to the workshop of a dealership where I had done the internship during the school period, but I had no future. The owner did not believe in me, he did not want me to be behind my colleagues to learn how to work, how to solve the problems encountered. In those days I was just making coupons, tire change and changing brake pads (not that there is anything wrong, but I wanted to learn how to do everything, or at least almost everything).

I was so happy to work in the workshop, to get my hands dirty, that I didn’t really notice that I wasn’t growing up professionally.

I have to thank the only colleague who believed in me and saw my passion, my commitment and all the soul I put in, thanks to him I gave value to myself and my expectations, so I looked for another job.

It was at that moment that I met Simona Cucini (owner of Officine Cucini). It seemed incredible to me to have found someone who fully believed in my abilities. A company that would allow me to carry on my passion.

At Cucini I was able to really enter the heart of machines and the world of mechanics. The company has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally, with training courses, very competent colleagues and a family that loves mechanics and everything that follows.

So yes, can I say that my passion has become my profession and what could be better than waking up in the morning and going to work with a smile?



Anna Bongiovanni

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