The Officine Cucini saw their birth back in 1963 when Vittore Cucini, following his dream as a mechanical visionary, founded the company. His vision was ambitious for the historical period, and his tenacity, cunning and foresight led him to have the largest workshop in Tuscany in the 1980s.

In those same years, thanks again to his sagacity, he founded the production department of industrial fittings (bodies, tippers, bowings and vans).

The company has never “neglected” its origins and the car and truck repair plant is still active, and in 2013 it created the new 4X4 commercial vehicle transformation department in which Cucini is the European leader.

The company was entrusted to Simona Cucini, who, with her determination, cunning, precision tending to perfectionism, brought it forward to the present day.

With the new vehicle Piaggio NP6 Officine Cucini developed the new Donkey 2.0 4×4 and the rest is history.



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