“Your tipper is only an iron piece”

This sentence was expressed to me by a customer some years ago and I still think about it and I have to thank so much that guy because I realized that I didn’t have to produce iron caissons but I had to think to a new product,made with a lighter material but equally strong and resistant.

My name is Simona Cucini and this is my history.

My only target was to help my family since  when I started to work. I desired to be an important figure inside  the company that my father was managing but I also desired to have an important role in it.

But a woman who sold caissons was unusual for that period and a woman in a mechanic sector was not considered in the right way because it was a sector with a strong predominance of male figures.

Anyway I began to work in the mechanic workshop at the age of twenty and I dealt with tests, approval certifications and the management of the company. I was determined to deal with everything without any scare of getting my hands dirty, trying to remove any prejudice.

So I started to deal with the commercial part of the company and I used to visit the biggest customers of our area, but it was very difficult because a lot of customers could not understand how a woman could sell tippers to them. I offered my products and they could only discuss about the prices.

From that moment I realized that we had to change everything and our tippers didn’t have to be compared with the other ones. Our tipper had to solve a problem for our customer.

So I came back to my company and I was a little bit upset but I was much more determined to go on without doubts.

I studied with my brother Fabio, the techinical director, and we analyzed carefully the various types of steel.

We realized that one of the more important problem for a vehicle was the disposable mass loading and we started to find useful solutions and after a careful review of the raw material and a travel in Sweden we had the winning idea: the introduction of a tipper in high strength galvanized steel.

But this project was too ambitious because the shipping costs from Sweden to Italy were enormous and we were leaving this project when a customer made an order for twenty tippers with the new material, lighter but stronger.

Our cooperation with our Swedish partners was born in that moment and this fact gave us the chance to become a company as you can see today. We can distinguish our products and we can cooperate with the major car industries such as Piaggio, Renault and others, not only in Italy but all over Europe.

So I managed in my little challenge and today I speak normally with every customer and everyone trusts in Cucini and our products satisfy them.