Vittore Cucini history

When you say Vittore people think about him as a visionary dreamer.

I was born in 1939 and I lived in the War period. In fact, when my daughter sent me to Germany for work I was not so pleased because the German soldiers ate my pigs during the war.

My parents were farmers and I love nature and fields. I was used to hard work. When I was young I didn’t like to study and in fact, my sister Anna, older than me, was always angry with me because she wanted me to study but my real passion was for the mechanic.

I used to go to work by bicycle and the desire of learning from the men who had more experience than me was very strong. Nothing could stop me from learning. I used to work at Biticchi’s that was a popular mechanic workshop in our area. At the age of twenty-five, I opened my mechanic workshop in Certaldo and my wife worked in the Rossi coffee.

My dream was to go to Verona and open my great mechanic workshop but my family and my brother who cooperated with me, were too linked to our origin and this stopped my dream temporarily.

But every month I made a trip from Bologna to Milano to breathe the air of real mechanic and I learned new technologies and I could see new innovations. This was also a big expense but it was too important for me.

This great will of being so visionary and forward-looking allowed to Officine Cucini to be the biggest mechanic workshop in the 1980s in Tuscany. I managed to realize the dream of my life.

Then the various economic crisis and familiar divisions caused a strong reduction but I managed to transfer my ambition and my trust in the future to my son and my daughter Fabio and Simona. Today they direct not only the mechanic workshop in Certaldo but also the outfitting sector created in the 1980s.

My dream was to leave a sign in history and to give a good impression to people I met and I hope to have managed to do it.

Nowadays I work in my fields with great passion and I came back to my origin in this way.