Four fittings designed for those who have different loading and safety needs.

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Three Way Tipper

Donkey 4x4 2.0- Piaggio NP6 4x4


Fixed Body

Fixed Ribs

Donkey 4x4 2.0- Piaggio NP6 4x4


Our fittings are entirely made of high- strength galvanized steel, a material that allows to reduce the thickness of the sheets and consequently the weight. On Donkey 2.0 4×4 you can add our SUPERGATES. Very important feature regarding the fuel consumption of the vehicle and the increase in load carrying capacity.

Donkey 4x4 2.0- Piaggio NP6 4x4
Donkey 4x4 2.0 Piaggio np6

DONKEY 2.0 4X4 is a product registered by Officine Cucini s.r.l and is built in its own production site in Barberino Val D’Elsa (FI). To purchase it, you can contact the Piaggio Commercial network.
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