The OPTIONAL DONKEY 2.0 4X4 are designed to support you in your many work activities. The fittings and all the other accessories will help you in your daily activity with your favourite DONKEY 2.0 4×4.

Ask for them from your dealer and remember, the DONKEY 2.0 4×4 optionals can be purchased both individually and together with any version of Donkey 2.0.

Tool Box

Cassetta attrezzi Donkey 4x4

Magnet flashing light

Pole carrier

Porta pali Donkey 4x4

Headlight grilles

DONKEY 2.0 4X4 is a product registered by Officine Cucini s.r.l and is built in its own production site in Barberino Val D’Elsa (FI). To purchase it, you can contact the Piaggio Commercial network.
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