contro telaio ribaltabile

Made from high-strength galvanized steel

Titanium gives a better loading mass thanks to the use of high strength galvanized steel.

The use of first quality materials, the process of warm zinc coating and the specific powder painting, makes Titanium a concentrate of technologies with unique peculiarities.

As a result of our passion for perfection, the rear or trilateral tipper Titanium is entirely planned and created by Officine Cucini.


Powder painting

The powder painting is a process of covering metallic surfaces with an organic film,made for decorations or in order to protect from corrosion or aggressive agents.

The pieces  are covered by a painting powder made of synthetic resin (for example the epoxy resin) that sticks for electrostatic effect , then they are transferred in an oven .Here the paint first melts and then polymerizes producing an adherent surface.

Assembled following the Lean Production

Our philosophy of life is solely and exclusively LEAN.

The principles of this philosophy that we have known 4 years ago thanks to Alessandro Parisi of the CTQ are the foundations of every current decision, product, data processing, recruitment of personnel, strategy, action and “breath” that we do within OFFICINE CUCINI.

Even doing events inside the company instead of fairs is Lean Thinking.

We use our production as a showroom and we are proud of it.

In these 4 years of transformation we have made so many changes but the most important and also difficult has been at the level of thought.

At the time when we “understood” that this philosophy was our perfect dress, we are no longer free from it.

What LEAN allowed us is our current history that you find on this site.

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