Work to see happy people making their daily work safe, simple and with fun.

For each person and the entrepreneur in the first place it is a moral duty to guide and develop others.

Our biggest ambition is to teach new generations, lead them into the future and make the workplace better and more rewarding.

  • INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT are the three elements to which the Darwinian law subjects companies as living beings, without which the foundations are lacking for being in the present and one cannot pass on the knowledge acquired as underlying company DNA.
  • At this precise historical moment CHANGES are five-year and every day we “ride” the wave even anticipating the wind. This dynamism allows us to be present in the current market where globalization is the essential fundamental element.
  • The pro active and exuberant YOUNG “CHAMPIONS” are the lifeblood of the company and every day we are looking for talented people with the desire to improve the world.

Every living being is driven by the instinct to develop its skills and leave a mark in the passage of life.


Inside the OFFICINE CUCINI the principles of respect and collaboration are the foundations, simple rules of life that guide us every day inside and outside the workplace.

  • Respect for others whether they are customers, suppliers, colleagues or just people we come into contact with every day.
  • Respect for company rules that create balance, dynamism, linearity and simplicity.
  • Respect for the values ​​handed down by grandparents, parents and people of high moral value that preceded us.
  • Team work is the only one we know and believe in.
  • Continuous self improvement is a fundamental and essential value for the CUCINI family. Whoever does not form stops and cannot bring added value to the company as a “work family”.
  • The best way to learn something is to teach it only then we understand if we have really understood the concept, acquired the data and if we have the skills to teach it.