Cucini for the environment

Every day more and more companies around the world are becoming aware of their environmental impact and the aspects that concern the protection of the planet. Consumers are increasingly choosing brands that have a high social responsability and respect their values. That’s why Cucini for the environment engages in everyday life with important actions to protect, safeguard and aware other companies.

Officine Cucini’s committment for the environment

Officine Cucini is a historic company founded in 1963 by the visionary Vittore Cucini who decided to found a different mechanical workshop. His vision was very ambitious for the historical period. His tenacity and foresight led him to have in the 80s the largest workshop in Tuscany.

Here you can find the full story.


Officine Cucini respects the environment


Vittore is the son of farmers, he loves the land and this origin has led him to always respect the environment. Since the early years of the company he has made very specific choices that never forget it’s origin and why we must protect our planet.

What were these choices?

  • 100% Recyclable fittings;
  • Ecological painting;
  • Proper waste disposal;
  • Lean Philosophy.

100% recyclable fittings

All Officine Cucini’s commercial vehicle fittings are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

Ecological painting

The painting system is eco- friendly and state-of-art. Powder painting is a process of coating metal surfaces with an organic film, carried our for decorative purposes and protection from corrosion and aggressive agents. The workpieces are covered with paint poweder based on synthetic resins (e.g. epoxy powders), which adhers by electrostatic effect, and then passed into an oven. Here, thanks to high temperature, the paint first melts and then polymerizes giving a tight layer. The use of the particular paints allows us not to use solvents and to minimize the environmental impact of the company.

Find our here about our painting system. 

Proper waste disposal

We pay the utmost attention to the recovery of packaging and the correct disposal of waste. for some years now we have been producing at Paper 0. Each department in our production is equipped with a tablet for daily work. So we don’t have to use sheets, leaflets and cardboard.

Lean Philosophy

Cucini’s philosophy of life is only and exclusively “Lean”. Following the japanese approach that eliminates everything that is superfluous. For 4 years now the principles of this philosophy have been the foundation of every current decision, data processing, recruitment of personnel, strategy and action that we do within Officine Cucini.

Find out what Lean allowed us and how it changed the history of our company here.

Through Lean’s teachings we have understood that improving the entire production cycle and related activities, brings a competitive advantage for the company. And implementing sustainable measures strengthen its brand and the values it represents.

All these actions are fundamental and a fundamental committment to environmental protection.

What about your company? What actions do you take to reduce the environmental impact?